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BascoUsa Blog

Monday, April 18, 2011

Let Us Supply All of the Packing Supplies and Shipping Boxes Your Company Needs

When your company has to stock up on packing supplies and shipping boxes, let BASCO help make your purchases easier and more efficient with our wide variety of shipping supplies and shipping supply storage solutions. A few of our packing supplies include: 

Fill Cushion/Bubble Cushion
Stretch Wrap
Packing Tape & Accessories
Labels & Accessories
Packing List Envelopes
Poly Bags
Pallet Trucks
Hand Trucks
Boxes and Cartons
And other Shipping and Packing Supplies

We also provide an assortment of shipping supply storage solutions to save floor space, workspace and storage space while improving handling and product movement. Our Carton Rack Storage Solutions provide storage for carton shipping boxes in order to optimize space, while saving time and money by providing easy access to all of your shipping cartons. These carton storage racks allow your company to conveniently store several carton sizes in one location, and can store flat box cartons up to a 36" by 42" maximum size. Plus, the racks provide workspace organization to reduce clutter while eliminating work related injuries due to falls. For larger unit details, contact Customer Service at 1-800-776-3786.

BASCO supplies a variety of packing supplies such as shipping fills and wraps. BASCO offers two types of shipping fills, standard and biodegradable. The standard shipping fill is made of 100% recycled polystyrene, is CFC-free, and is light green in color. The biodegradable shipping fill is made of 100% cornstarch and is off-white in color. In addition to our shipping fills, BASCO offers a variety of bubble wrap or air bubbles to fulfill your shipping needs. Our air bubbles and bubble wraps are cross-perforated every 12" for easy tear off and make an excellent cushion while avoiding shipping fill. Plus, air bubbles and bubble wraps protect against shock, abrasion and vibration. Depending on your product and preference, BASCO can supply all of your shipping and packing supply needs. 

Let BASCO provide all of your shipping boxes, packing supplies, and shipping supply storage needs. With BASCO supplying all of your shipping supplies, you can organize your supplies into one centralized location to optimize time and save money. For more information contact BASCO or visit BASCO online.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Organize Your Inventory with Basco's AkroBins

Companies with large amounts of products or a variety of similar products that require organization due can benefit from organization storage cabinets, storage bins, container products and other organization storage systems. Protect your products from dust, damage and theft while organizing your company's inventory with AkroBins from Basco. 

Storage bins like AkroBins from Basco provide your company with the ability to organize your inventory into neat, brightly-colored, durable, stackable, uniquely designed storage bins to keep your products safe and secure while optimizing assembly times and minimizing the handling of parts. AkroBins are extremely durable because they are molded of a high-impact polypropylene block copolymer and are autoclavable up to 250 degrees F, making them the best choice for your company. Plus, AkroBins are unaffected by weak acids or alkalis, and are water-proof, rust-proof and corrosion-proof, making them the ideal choice for any company regardless of location or industry. In addition to the durability of the container products, each product comes with a 1-year limited warranty and is guaranteed to not crack or break under normal load conditions. AkroBins come in a variety of colors to help further organize your inventory and optimize assembly times by colorizing product location and in turn making products more easily located. These container products come in red, blue, yellow, stone, green, semi-clear and black. AkroBins' unique design enables the container products to work with Akro-Mills shelving, racks, panels, rails and carts, and is intended to be used with AkroBins lids, panels and dividers to further implement proper inventory organization. 

Use AkroBins with compatible storage cabinets to protect your parts, products, and other inventory from dust, damage and theft with the added protection of double-locking doors and a rugged 16-gauge welded steel construction. Plus, AkroBin storage cabinets have a gray powder coated finish that is resistant to cuts and scratches. 

Choose AkroBins from Basco for your all of your container product needs and start organizing your inventory today to control inventory, optimize assembly times and minimize the handling of parts.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BASCO's Hazardous Materials Shipping Containers

Due to security precautions in recent years, shipping materials that are considered hazardous has become increasingly difficult. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), activated in 1979, serves as the federal agency that carries out various functions of disaster assistance and civil defense for the country during any time of need such as a natural disaster, threat against security, large-scale leak, oil spill or other crisis. FEMA has also served as the America's hazardous material (hazmat) regulator since the induction of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986. 

According to FEMA, hazmats are "solids, liquids, or gases that can harm people, other living organisms, property, or the environment," and hazmats must be regulated because, "hazards can occur during production, storage, transportation, use, or disposal [of these hazardous materials]." So what do you do as a company owner when you have to ship hazardous materials across the United States and the world with the strict regulations of hazmats from FEMA and the United Nations (UN)? 

At BASCO, we design our products with the end result in mind. We supply all of your industrial packaging needs, including our variety of hazmat shipping containers, which are certified to meet UN and UPS requirements. By designing our products with the end result in mind—meaning you and your customers—we consider your needs as our client and the needs of your customers as your client.  Through our design process, we expunge all unnecessary aspects of the container products we design and focus solely on the aspects you and your clients will require, such as safety, cleanliness, and quality. We strive to exceed your expectations for shipping containers with our diverse selection of container products, including our certified hazmat material shipping products

If you are struggling to find the proper container products or shipping materials including plastic pails, paint pails, 55 gallon drums, shipping boxes, or hazmat shipping containers, let BASCO help you find the best product available. Contact BASCO at 800.776.3786.

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