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BascoUsa Blog

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two Back-Saving Spill-Reducing Options

BASCO knows that in the industrial field, products can become heavy and awkward to move and transport, that is why we supply multiple back-saving, spill-reducing options to make your worker's lives easier and better managed.

Back Saving Drum Tilting Lever from BASCOUSA
Back Saving Drum Tilting Lever

The Back Saving Drum Tilting Lever is just one of the drum transportation items that BASCO offers. The Drum Tilting Lever prevents a lot of pain for a little bit of money. The Drum Tilting Lever stands drums up with little effort and reduces back injuries while improving worker efficiency. The Drum Tilting Lever is available in steel or spark resistant aluminum and has a 1000lb. capacity. Both the steel and aluminum models have an 11 1/4" wide loop handle for improved control and mobility with a 51" length which provides excellent leverage. Saving the backs of your workers will help to improve workloads and overall efficiency of your company.

Drum Skid from BASCOUSA
Drum Skid

The Drum Skid is a necessity for unloading drums from any standard trailer. The Drum Skid helps to provide optimal transportation management while eliminating punctured drums and eliminating spillage from jarred plugs or damaged chimes. The durable 10' Drum Skid has a 1000lb. capacity and consists of a 1 1/4" diameter frame reinforced with 1/2" solid steel round. The Drum Skid is ideal for unloading 30 and 55 gallon drums from any standard trailer without damage. The overall dimensions of the Drum Skid are 15 3/8" W by 120" L with a 12 1/2" inside width.

For more information on the Back Saving Drum Tilting Lever or the Drum Skid, contact us or visit our website at

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