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BascoUsa Blog

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Build a rain barrel with our 55 gallon drums

While BASCO USA's 55 gallon drums are perfect for industrial packaging, they are also great in a smaller at-home setting. Our 55 gallon drums are built to handle anything, whether it is hazardous materials or simply water, so the sky is the limit when it comes to the potential uses for our vast array of container products.

Building a rain barrel is one neat idea for our stainless steel 55 gallon drums. A rain barrel collects and stores excess water and runoff during a storm, and later, you can use that water when it comes time to irrigate your garden. A rain barrel is a particularly good idea if you live in an arid climate, where extended periods without rain can take a toll on the plants and flowers in your yard.

Not only does a rain barrel help conserve natural resources, but it will save you money, too. Instead of paying the utility company every time you water your garden, you can use the free water provided by Mother Nature during a storm by collecting the water in one of our container products. You can use a PVC pipe or hose to direct rainwater from your gutters into the barrel, and before you know it, you will have a 55 gallon drum full of water.

Of course, be sure you are using a new, clean metal pail and not one that may have previously held chemicals, hazardous materials, or anything else that may be harmful to your garden. In addition, we wouldn't recommend drinking or bathing in the water, as it could be contaminated with debris, dirt, and other natural elements found outdoors. Nonetheless, the water you collect will be great for outdoor uses like watering your garden, and your rain barrel (or rain barrels, if you want to set up more than one) will save you money over time. Water isn't the most expensive utility, but free is free, and in this economy, every cent matters!

For more information about our 55 gallon drums, or other useful containers, be sure to check out our full selection of industrial packaging supplies.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not just container products – accessories, too!

At BASCO USA, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver a wide variety of products to our customers. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for all of your container product and industrial packaging needs, and while some of our biggest sellers are the containers and packages themselves, we also offer a broad array of accessories to help you get the most out of the tools you utilize to do your job.

Take our selection of metal pails, for instance. We have the right variety of supplies and containers to help you get the job done, but often times a paint pail simply isn't enough. What if you need to heat the contents of your pail, perhaps to increase viscosity? With multiple models of pail heaters, chances are you'll find something that works for the task at hand.

We also carry insulated drum heaters designed to work flawlessly with 55 gallon drums. Simply unroll the heater and wrap it around the drum. Plus, it uses less electricity than conventional heaters, so you can save a few dollars, too.

Or, let's say you're in a tight space and need something to hold your paint pail or other container product, or perhaps you need a device to help you lift a heavy drum. With a number of different drum and pail lifters in stock at BASCO, you can be sure to find just what you need to make things as easy as possible.

And what about when you're finished with your metal pails and 55 gallon drums? Crushing down your old pails can reduce disposal costs by 75 percent, and you're in luck – BASCO has a number of crushers designed to suit your needs!

Those items are just a small sampling of our product line, so never hesitate to browse our online catalog or contact us for more information. We have the industrial packaging supplies to help you with all of your needs from start to finish.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Help your Company be prepared for the Worst with 55 Gallon Drums

Natural disasters happen, and even minor thunderstorms in the right vicinity can knock out power, water and fuel for extended periods of time. When it comes to big companies that keep all of their systems running around the clock, there can be no chances of running out of water, electricity and fuel. Having additional means of fuel and water stored in 55 gallon drums can be crucial to maintaining company functionality during times of natural disaster. 

Having a back-up supply of water and fuel, stored in 55 gallon drums, can help to save your company from a loss of productivity. Our 55 gallon drums are sturdy and durable, and we have a variety of accessories to accommodate any industrial strength need. We provide a variety of drum heaters and drum mixers to ensure that your products will be properly stored and homogenized. A few of our additional 55 gallon drum accessories include drum trucks, drum dollies and drum handling equipment, to ensure that your employees will not be wasting time and energy trying to move large and heavy 55 gallon drums and other pieces of equipment. By keeping 55 gallon drums and other drum accessories on hand for emergencies, you ensure that your company’s production will not come to screeching halt in the event of a natural disaster or other unforeseeable circumstance. 

Don't let the production within your company suffer during a natural disaster because of a lack of materials and additional supplies, make sure you stock up on fuel and water in 55 gallon drums and be sure to purchase back-up generators to help produce power in the event that electricity is jeopardized. For more information about the 55 gallon drums and additional accessories that provides, contact us.   

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hazmat Packaging Done Right

Hazmat (hazardous materials) shipping refers to shipments that involve materials that are either hazardous or potentially so.  You probably already knew that if you're in the market for hazmat packaging, but there's a quick refresher for all of you guys.  If you are going to be shipping anything that is hazardous, make sure that it is contained within packaging that meets both UN and United Parcel Service regulations.  

In order to meet the demanding needs of the industry, we have made available products that are 4GV UN approved and UPS and UN certified for shipping.  The 4GV approval means that you can transport Type I, II and III liquids and solids in them. When you pick out a packaging partner you want to makes sure you go with one that has a proven track record of complying with those regulations and providing packing supplies that protect shippers and the environment from the dangerous materials inside. Basco's got a history of doing so for thousands of customers around the world since being founded in 1946.  There's a load off of your mind and out of your warehouse.  

Take our one gallon paint can packaging supplies, for instance.  These bad boys are designed, tested and certified to meet or exceed international standards for transporting certain hazardous materials.  In addition to providing you with a rugged carton, we'll also set you up with foam and locking rings to ensure that your paint cans arrive undamaged to their ultimate destination.  And if you need the actual can(s), we've got those too.  As you can see, we're equipped to handle every level of your hazmat packaging needs.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eliminate Workplace Injuries with Drum Handling Equipment

As an employer it is your duty to keep your employees safe and out of harm’s way. With drum handling equipment you can dramatically reduce the number of workplace injuries that result from transporting drums. Increase your workplace production by making the transportation of drums easy and less stressful on your employees.

Why choose drum handling equipment…

  • Outdated methods of transporting drums create the perfect environment for slip and fall accidents. Medical expenses from workplace injuries are costly to employers, not to mention they greatly reduce production rates.

  • With constant heavy back lifting, your employees become more prone to a strained back and other related conditions. This contributes to the loss of a valuable employee which is unnecessary when these conditions can be prevented in the first place.

  • Drum handling equipment enables employees to use less effort to move drums and there is less strain from heavy lifting. Drum equipment is able to assist in lifting or moving objects as heavy as 2000lbs and in some cases more.

  • Employees are able to complete work tasks at a faster rate because the drums become easier to load and move. With the use of drum equipment relatively any operator will be able to load and move drums, not just your burlier men.

  • Tools like our, Economy Drum Upender, Open-Head/Tight-Head Drum Lifter, and High Capacity Drum Cradle, all make your job easier. They are designed to help lift and transport heavy objects; they reduce back injuries, strain, and pinched fingers.

  • Instead of taking a reactive approach to workplace safety take a proactive approach to prevent incidents from occurring. When you implement the right tools you reduce your company’s expenses, you create a safer environment for your employees, and you have improved production.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Keeping Your Garage Tidy

We find ourselves paying the garage a visit when we need to store something and more often than not we simply walk away. Over time this neglect leads to clutter and disorganization making it hard for us to locate our equipment. The next time you go to your garage looking for something, find it with ease with these tips:

-          The general problem that is faced with the garage area is a lack of organization. Instead of randomly placing your items wherever you can find space have specific areas designated for certain things.

-          Take the time to assess where you would like to place your things, so they will be easier for you to find. While you are going through your things if you have extra junk in your garage that you don’t use take this opportunity to get rid of it.

-          If you find yourself with a lack of room, try adding shelves if you don’t already have some so there is more variation in where you place your things. You want to spread your equipment out so your garage is roomier.

-          Container products, help you to save more space in your garage so you don’t always have to rely on shelf space. To avoid struggling to find your necessities, label your containers, and use your containers for specific things.

-          For items like bicycles and ladders make more space by utilizing bike racks and ladder hooks. These items tend to be extremely bulky and if you have a smaller sized garage they can take up an unnecessary amount of space.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Heavy-Duty Drums Solve Your Specialized Storage Needs

Everyone’s shipments are important to them, but some products require additional care that just isn’t necessary with others.  Those of you in the food, drug or fragrance industries know that this is particularly true.  These products can’t just be thrown into any old container; they often need to be carefully sealed inside a reliable drum that will keep them fresh and safe.  The stainless steel 55 gallon drums from BASCO are precisely what you need.

These units are specifically designed to contain foodstuffs, medications and colognes/perfumes.  We’ve made sure to build each one in compliance with FDA requirements and UN ratings.  For those times when purity is vital, these 304 stainless steel drums offer the best corrosion-resistance, strength, and re-usability.  And they’re available in containment sizes ranging from 4 – 55 gallons.  

Maybe you don’t need something quite so hefty, though.  Don’t worry, BASCO has you covered on that front as well with its plastic 55 gallon drums.  These drums are available in either closed or open-head and come in the following colors to simplify your storage and shipping needs: white, red, orange, green, blue, gray, natural and black.  Best of all, they are both FDA and USDA certified and are made from heavy-duty plastic.  They’re designed to be both dent and rust-proof to make them ideal for outside storage operations.  

These are just a couple of the industrial drum lines that BASCO carries.  If you’re looking for something else, we’ve probably got that, too.  Give our catalog a look or contact Customer Service at 1-800-776-3786 to learn about all the options available to you.

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