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BascoUsa Blog

Monday, August 29, 2011

Keeping Your Garage Tidy

We find ourselves paying the garage a visit when we need to store something and more often than not we simply walk away. Over time this neglect leads to clutter and disorganization making it hard for us to locate our equipment. The next time you go to your garage looking for something, find it with ease with these tips:

-          The general problem that is faced with the garage area is a lack of organization. Instead of randomly placing your items wherever you can find space have specific areas designated for certain things.

-          Take the time to assess where you would like to place your things, so they will be easier for you to find. While you are going through your things if you have extra junk in your garage that you don’t use take this opportunity to get rid of it.

-          If you find yourself with a lack of room, try adding shelves if you don’t already have some so there is more variation in where you place your things. You want to spread your equipment out so your garage is roomier.

-          Container products, help you to save more space in your garage so you don’t always have to rely on shelf space. To avoid struggling to find your necessities, label your containers, and use your containers for specific things.

-          For items like bicycles and ladders make more space by utilizing bike racks and ladder hooks. These items tend to be extremely bulky and if you have a smaller sized garage they can take up an unnecessary amount of space.



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