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BascoUsa Blog

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eliminate Workplace Injuries with Drum Handling Equipment

As an employer it is your duty to keep your employees safe and out of harm’s way. With drum handling equipment you can dramatically reduce the number of workplace injuries that result from transporting drums. Increase your workplace production by making the transportation of drums easy and less stressful on your employees.

Why choose drum handling equipment…

  • Outdated methods of transporting drums create the perfect environment for slip and fall accidents. Medical expenses from workplace injuries are costly to employers, not to mention they greatly reduce production rates.

  • With constant heavy back lifting, your employees become more prone to a strained back and other related conditions. This contributes to the loss of a valuable employee which is unnecessary when these conditions can be prevented in the first place.

  • Drum handling equipment enables employees to use less effort to move drums and there is less strain from heavy lifting. Drum equipment is able to assist in lifting or moving objects as heavy as 2000lbs and in some cases more.

  • Employees are able to complete work tasks at a faster rate because the drums become easier to load and move. With the use of drum equipment relatively any operator will be able to load and move drums, not just your burlier men.

  • Tools like our, Economy Drum Upender, Open-Head/Tight-Head Drum Lifter, and High Capacity Drum Cradle, all make your job easier. They are designed to help lift and transport heavy objects; they reduce back injuries, strain, and pinched fingers.

  • Instead of taking a reactive approach to workplace safety take a proactive approach to prevent incidents from occurring. When you implement the right tools you reduce your company’s expenses, you create a safer environment for your employees, and you have improved production.



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