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BascoUsa Blog

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hazmat Packaging Done Right

Hazmat (hazardous materials) shipping refers to shipments that involve materials that are either hazardous or potentially so.  You probably already knew that if you're in the market for hazmat packaging, but there's a quick refresher for all of you guys.  If you are going to be shipping anything that is hazardous, make sure that it is contained within packaging that meets both UN and United Parcel Service regulations.  

In order to meet the demanding needs of the industry, we have made available products that are 4GV UN approved and UPS and UN certified for shipping.  The 4GV approval means that you can transport Type I, II and III liquids and solids in them. When you pick out a packaging partner you want to makes sure you go with one that has a proven track record of complying with those regulations and providing packing supplies that protect shippers and the environment from the dangerous materials inside. Basco's got a history of doing so for thousands of customers around the world since being founded in 1946.  There's a load off of your mind and out of your warehouse.  

Take our one gallon paint can packaging supplies, for instance.  These bad boys are designed, tested and certified to meet or exceed international standards for transporting certain hazardous materials.  In addition to providing you with a rugged carton, we'll also set you up with foam and locking rings to ensure that your paint cans arrive undamaged to their ultimate destination.  And if you need the actual can(s), we've got those too.  As you can see, we're equipped to handle every level of your hazmat packaging needs.

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